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AWI Extension NSW

AWI Extension NSW is Australian Wool Innovation's (AWI) grower extension network for New South Wales.

The AWI Extension NSW mission is “To provide NSW sheep producers with a dedicated network through which they can source relevant, reliable and timely information and expertise to enable better business decisions for their sheep business". The network provides a source of relevant, timely and technically sound information to the industry via a range of methods of delivery.
AWI Extension NSW delivers information via workshops, webinars, newsletters, social media, and a podcast to over 5,500 wool growers, their advisors and industry representatives.

A core success of AWI Extension NSW is the guidance provided by the AWI Extension NSW Producer Advisory Panel (PAP). The PAP is tasked with providing strategic advice as to the priorities and issues for NSW woolgrowers, and how and when AWI Extension NSW can best deliver information, tools and workshops to assist industry.